Our mission

Strengthening local communities through empowering local food response to emergencies.

Our Story

The Food Responder platform started with a deep conviction that local emergency response can do a better job of connecting longterm community outcomes to the immediacy of serving emergency response needs.

How can we build tools that empower local organizers to take action and connect with local resources they know in easy and compliant ways? The Food Responder platform is our answer.

Emergencies, by their definition, require action. They’re unpredictable when, where and how they occur. This means that there are very few organizations that can support emergency response needs on which governments can rely. This has historically led to large organizations that provide food and services sourced outside of impacted communities; pulling resources out of a community at exactly the time when they need local investment most. We think this can be different.

Basic emergency response requires availability, resilience to maintain availability, and experience navigating compliance with government contracting. Local communities already have many of the capabilities necessary to deliver these services. We know that there are already local organizers interested and willing to take action. We also know there are local restaurants and vendors in place to provide food to meet those organizers’ needs.

The Food Responder platform was built to bridge these groups and unlock the enormous potential of communities to serve themselves.

Matt Cohen

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